Trump: His early rise into fame and wealth

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The weird thing about Donald Trump is, as much as he tried to be a figure of ridiculous fun and shrug of gossip, lie as he did about things large and small, Trump appears to be an enormously skilled developer even though he has very poor investment strategies. Donald Trump's early rise came about as the result of timely speculation and not because of his deal making strategies. During the early eighties the Real Estate market was hot and gave Trump the window of opportunity he needed. Donald Trump possesses the ability to identify profitable ventures a mile away. His aggression and one-sided focus are what allowed him to break down the existing barriers to obtain his goals of becoming successful as a developer. With all that said there is a sad and dark side to Donald Trump, I believe he suffers from an obsessive compulsive disorder. His OCD is to buy and build whatever comes to his mind is just plain crazy.

His actions time and time again have proven that when he sets his sights on something; he just goes for it no matter what. Trump does not have any set strategies. Donald Trump's impulsiveness is what many times does not let him see what will happen after he makes that first pivotal step in any direction. His OCD is best seen in his impulsive purchase of a bankrupt Eastern Airlines and a huge yacht he was never able to put into profitable use.

Donald Trump is the third generation of an entrepreneurial family. His family's achievements and success reflect one of the biggest changes America has ever seen, from the Gold Rush in Colorado to affordable housing in Queens. Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York on June 14,1946, the day the nation united to celebrate...