Two Philosophies on Management.

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The philosophy of Sam Walton was to sell for less as the philosophy of Neiman Marcus was to sell the best with the customer's satisfaction. Neiman Marcus and Sam Walton were different and alike in the areas of family, timelines, personality, business practices, and helpful technology.

The Neiman Marcus stores and the Wal-Mart stores both were established through family connections. Carrie Marcus met and married Al Neiman when they were both buyers at a store. She, her husband, and her brother, Herbert Marcus, bought the first Neiman Marcus store. Stanley Marcus, son of Herbert Marcus, was born April 20, 1905. Under his management, the store became one of the most popular retail stores in the world. Sam Walton was born March 29, 1918. He met his wife while working in a plant. With the help of his father-in-law, he purchased his first store. In the future, he would also own one of the most popular retail stores in the world.

While they were both ambitious, they had different backgrounds. Sam Walton attended public school and played basketball and football. He had to help support his family, because they were poor. He worked and went to school. Even though his family was struggling he stayed in school and attended the University of Missouri and graduated in 1940. Stanley Marcus was a bright and innovative boy. His mother sent him to a private school where he became good at public speaking. He had few friends at school and because he was a Jew, he experienced anti-Semitism. He failed the college entrance exam. He was admitted to Amherst in New England, but left there for Harvard. He graduated from Harvard business school.

Some of the business practices and technology used by Walton and Marcus were similar. These methods of technology and business...