Ueniis: God of the universe

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The name of this god is Uenis, which in terms of its own definition means one and only. Uenis was the God that made a starting plan. Uenis was not exactly a god per say, but everything that is this world, this time, this universe, this life. Uenis was the seed the gave birth to Chaos, which was what began all of this, you can even say Uenis is the parent of all eternity. Uenis did not really have powers, or was not limited to what could be seen, heard, smelled, taste, felt, or even imagined, Uenis was everything and was bound to no rules. Uenis did not have a physical form, but could always be felt to some degree. The world we live in, everything that is this time and place, is Uenis, everything is connected to Uenis. Although we in this great time, everything comes at expense no matter what the situation, which is one rule I guess you can say bounded Uenis.

Although Uenis didn't have a weakness, it did not have a strength making it impossible to give or take without cost. So it was up to Uenis to do something about it, Uenis could not take away what it was, so its only option was to give. Uenis didn't have any power, nor did it have anything to give other than itself, and nothing to give something to. So with Uenis having nothing to use to its disposal, used Uenis, itself. With only one rule in which it was bound to, used the rule of cost. The result of this created a formula on which all was based, for every action there is a consequence or, a cost of some sort, which gives you a result. The result was Chaos. Uenis already giving everything that...