The War Has Begun

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Hello my name is Daniel, and one day we decided to ask our parents if we could all climb Mountain Perry. We all wanted to go skiing. My dad asked who was going and I told him that all of my friends were going. He said it was alright as long as James Green wasn't allowed to go. I also had to ask my dad if we could borrow the car to drive to the Mountain, he replied with "as long as you are the only one that drives it. I then answered with a sarcastic "OK". We took the Toyota Prado to Mountain Perry. We loaded it up with a Bar fridge filled with beer, healthy things like Carrots, apples and the most important thing lots and lots of Chocolate. We loaded all our Sleeping Bags, Swags, Tents and everything else that would not fit in the Prado into the Paddock Bomb.

When we got to the top of the Mountain we set up camp, it was near the peak of the mountain, we went to sleep after that we forgot a torch, so we had to do to sleep as soon as it turned dark. The next morning Jess Peret, Tim Drew and Fred Smith went skiing while Jen Mellow, Greg Buzz, Tony Zammill, and I, Cleatis Sapa went snowboarding. All the people that could snowboard tried to teach all the people that couldn't snowboard, it didn't work to well, Jess hit her head on a rock when she fell and got a black eye, Tim drew was going all right until he tried to show off by trying to Ski uphill yes that's right uphill, he rolled back down the hill, he created a small snowball that he was in, it didn't stop until it hit Greg...