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The vacuum was on. She had never seen it but she had noticed the sound before. Every time it passed over a particular part of the roof it grew louder, only for a few seconds and then just as soon as the vacuum passed over that one spot, she would feel the blood rush to her head, and the sound would stop.

She never understood it, but that sound was the only familiar thing to her, in fact it was the only thing she ever remembered.

Waking up, eating, working, sleeping, she couldn't fully remember any of these things, she was pretty sure they were a part of her existence, however in an odd way they weren't. The only thing that she was ever sure of was that the vacuum would return and so would that feeling of bloodrushing to her head.

The vacuum was still on, taking longer than it should today.

That was something new the amount of time was never very long. The blood wasn't rushing into her head, in fact she felt drained.

The world around her had always been dark and for the first time, it seemed lighter. A bright blue light grew from the distance and soon surrounded her, she was floating. Something was helping her to rise. It left go off her for a second the blue light fainted, the vacuum turned off and the blood rushed to her head.

"Mr. and Mrs.... This is Nurse Grace your daughter did have a slight episode today,... however we were able to revive her, she is resting now, however we ask you once again to consider ending the therapy sessions... Mr. Raind please don't hang up... Your daughter is not responding positively... but we don't know what she thinks... Yes I understand... Of course...