While Dead Accept Death, from the play "No Exit".

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Once you accept or acknowledge something it makes things so much easier to live with, this theory also applies when you are dead. If you are dead why should you care about who you used to be or what is going on now because you can no longer do anything about this. No longer do you have any freedom because you are restricted by the boundaries of death. The quicker you come to terms with these new surroundings, the easier it will be. Sometimes you do not realize now to live with this, even though you are dead, and it tortures you. Accepting fate is what Garcin struggles with in the play, "No Exit", while Inez and Estelle come to terms with it rather quickly.

First, Inez comes to terms with her fate just as soon as she walks into her room in Hell. The thing with Inez is she keeps it real and tells everything like it is.

While alive Inez tried to ruin peoples lives and took pleasure in this. When Garcin asks for some help and asks if she will just show a spark of emotion, Inez says, "Human feeling. That's beyond my range. I'm rotten to the core." Inez knows she was a bitch on Earth and realizes she does not have to change now that she is dead. It will not change her fate in Hell so she just accepts it.

Next, Estelle accepts what people on Earth think of her and does not have any problems with it. The only thing Estelle has a problem with is not being able to have a man on her side. She wants Garcin, but he can not seem to find any interest in her. When Inez tries to smooth talk her thinking she has yet...