Why Bother?

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Okay, I'll admit it. I'm one of those housewives known to spend a lazy afternoon

watching soap operas. I've also spent entire days running up the total of the Mastercard at

suburban shopping malls. I've even spent my mornings on the telephone talking to whomever

for one, two or three hours. Why? I'll tell you why. To avoid the most futile, frustrating and

mundane job ever imposed on mankind. Housework. I'm not referring to the once or twice a

year heavy stuff, such as scrubbing windows or evicting the spiders from behind the piano.

I'm talking about the everyday type of housework. The dust on the television, the laundry

overflowing the hamper, the dishes that completely conceal the countertop and...the

bathroom. Let's face it. There isn't anything more futile than spending the precious

moments of life creating a Mr. Clean shine throughout the entire house when I know

deep inside my soul that the model home appearance would last only if I were to evict the

family, board the windows, and lock the doors.

Take dusting, for instance. Dust is a constant. Even as the rag (sprayed with a cleaner

guaranteed to please an asthmatic) is wiped from one end of the furniture to the other, the

dust begins to settle onto the area again. There is no such thing as a dust-free environment.

Just ask the asthmatic (who, by the way, is allergic to the spray cleaner). Does it ever go

away? No! The rag, after use, is shaken outside. What does it disperse into the air? Dust.

Using a vacuum cleaner produces the same problem. The vacuum sucks the dust from the

rug. The vacuum cleaner bag is filled with dust. The bag is removed and tossed into the

trash. The trash is burned at the incinerator which...