Why Canada is less Xenophobic than America

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Canada is a great country, and it is our morals and beliefs that make us so great. Morals like our stance on immigration. Since 1867, Canada has had one of the best immigration policies in the world, one that doesn't just let a diversity of people into the country, but also supports these very same people and creates a community of citizens respected throughout the world that achieve far greater success here than anywhere else. But doesn't America also accept immigrants? Sure, they have an active immigration system, but it's flawed. It's flawed by Americas obvious Xenophobia towards other cultures. Even if people are lucky enough to get into America, once inside they are left to figure life out by themselves. This leads, much of the time, to life that is worse then the country they fled. That is why Canada is less Xenophobic than America.

Canada is more welcoming of immigrants from foreign soil.

First off, there are much more immigrants in Canada than any other country. "Canada absorbs more immigrants per capita than any other country." (Immigration and Relocation to Canada, 2006:1). The fact that there are more immigrants in Canada (per capita) than any other country proves America is more Xenopobic because less immigrants are allowed in America. Secondly, diversity is a fundamental characteristic of Canada since its birth and various laws and policies support Canada's stance on diversity. These include the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Employment Equity Act, the Official Languages Act, the Pay Equity Act and the Multiculturalism Act (Government of Canada, 2004). These acts confirm that the Canadian government wants only the best for its citizens no matter were they come from. Lastly, we have more programs available for immigrants. These programs include: the Skilled...