Why did the usa get involved in Vietnam in the 1950's and 1960's?

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There was many reasons for the USA to get involved in Vietnam between the 1950's and 60's however they were all in stages, not just in one go. They called America and USA'S 'clash' the "Cold War" which began mainly due to America and the USSR'S political differences. The USSR was a communist state and the USA and the other countries who were their partners were capalist states or countries. Many people believed that capalists and communists could not live alongside each other for long and that one system would take over another, however both sides were determined not to be taken over. This is how it all started as the governments were trying to take over large parts of East Europe and Asia. When the buffer zones were added there was a greater risk of war as the zones were dominated by the USSR who were causing a government domino effect through to the west so the USA and their partners were determined to stop it which caused the Truman Doctrine.

The main reasons for the USA to get involved with Vietnam were because of their fear of communism and that communism could take over the Western world and Asia. Another reason why the USA didn't like communism was because in 1945 the USA built and tested the first nuclear bomb on Japan but kept it secret from the Russians even though they were supposed to be allies. This made the Russians very suspicious of America. America also didn't like communism because of their very different political beliefs as the communists were a totalitarian state whilst the USA believed in democracy and were afraid the Russians would try to spread their beliefs around the world.

The first way of the USA to get involved was to supply...