Why fraser island, should be a more protected site- legal studies assignment , showing econimc(tourism), social and environmental imapcts

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· ram = Recreation Area Management, I think

· fido is= Fraser Island Defenders Organization

Fraser Island represents the major area covered Act in terms both of physical size and in the overall proportion of the Recreation Areas Management Board budget. (The only other RAM sites are Moreton Island, Green Island and Inskip Point). Fraser Island therefore is the RAM site that has the greatest significance to the Board.

Fraser Island should not be a RAM site: While FIDO is making a submission on the proposed review of potential changes to the Management Act, Regulation and By-Law, FIDO wants Fraser Island removed from the provisions of the RAM Act for the following reasons:

· The Fraser Island World Heritage site is significantly suffering because of its management as a RAM site. Many of its World Heritage values are being degraded because of the emphasis given to managing it as a RAM site rather than as a World Heritage site.

· Because RAM revenues can only be spent on recreation management, spending on Fraser Island on management culture and the natural and cultural resources has been grossly neglected.

· Recreation is degrading many of Fraser Island's World Heritage values. The need to repair this damage to the natural resource hasn't been addressed by the RAM Board.

· Because Fraser Island receives about $3million of RAM revenues annually, for many of the recent years the EPA failed to spend any of its consolidated revenue on Fraser Island. Even now Fraser Island receives a disproportionately small share of consolidated revenue to manage its natural resources which are the basis of its World Heritage listing.

· Recreation management has resulted in an ethic of making all other aspects of management of the Great Sandy National Park (Fraser Island) subservient to the maximizing of its...