Why groups or organizations are important

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People who have common goal or interest make groups or organizations, which are playing an important role in our life. They are of necessities in improving communication and quality of our life, and making our world better.

The most evident reason is that groups or organizations provide us an efficient way to communicate. By grouped together, communications between people are no longer individually, but through a network of people who share mutual interest. Any person within the group is able to broadcast and receive information in a massive way. The more people there in a group, the faster the information is exchanged. A recent report of saving a girl's life though Internet information group proved the efficiency to an extreme. The girl was infected an unusual disease during a voluntary medical aid to Africa. The phenomenon is beyond any person's knowledge on the spot to identify the disease, making them hard to apply proper treatment.

Another succour with the girl sent an emergent help request to their group members over the world. Miraculously, an in-time response from a doctor who had experience in South America before saved the girl's life.

Not only could life to be saved by grouping people together, but its quality to be improved as well. We are so called 'social animals' as every one of us needs others.

Groups and organizations bring us enriched colourful and balanced life. For example, we can join a group of singers if we like to sing, a group of dancers if we like to dance, or a group of tennis player if we like to play. We not only pay less effort individually and get more from group activities, but also multiply our knowledge, experiences and happiness by being grouped and organized. Without these groups, where can we better enjoy...