Why is the main Affidavit in America the Bible?

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Affidavits have always been a part of the law, courts and justice. However many people find it uncanny that in the United States, it is the Bible. The affidavit is mainly a written text which the witness swears on that what they say is the TRUTH.

Why the Bible? Christianity may be the main religion in the United States but a fair amount of Americans are not Christian or would question just how realistic it is. This would mean that they may not give the right evidence as they DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE.

Even if the Bible is true, there are always people who will not believe in the Bible and its text, and who is a major witness to a crime. It may lead to the wrong men and women serving the wrong sentence.

And so probably a majority of people will protest against this and say that this is not true.

But are all Americans Chritians? Do all Americans believe in the Bible?

I rest my case.