Why roses have thorns.

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God gave roses thorns as a form of punishment for women. God created all women as beautiful creatures, which should not use their beauty for evil. There was this woman names Hope, who was using her beauty to seduce and trick men. She would always ask for something and when the man said no she would always use her beauty to seduce them to get what she wanted. In the bible that was morally wrong. Therefore, God destroyed women and put a rose in her place. The thorns were a form of remembrance and punishment to all women who tried to seduce or trick men because of their beauty. If you touched the thorn then you would bleed and would be punished in whatever way God felt was necessary. A rose symbolizes pureness and a thorn represents wickedness. Hope was the wicked, which put the thorn on the rose.

The thorn symbolizes that the wicked could hurt more than you know because you cannot feel it until it gets to you. Just like the thorn on the rose you cannot feel the thorn until it gets through your skin. The moral of the story is the wicked could hurt more than you know until it gets to you.