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Last year I went to a children's camp in the Canadian wilderness. I went there because I wanted to see the Canadian animals. I did. There were a lot of animals. It was like a zoo! Like a wild zoo.

We had the adults around us all the time, in case the animals jumped on us. It never happened because the animals were used to children around them.

Once I saw a bear. It was a mountain! It was a dark brown color. It had black eyes. I could see the berry juice all around its mouth. It was passing by and didn't even look at us. It didn't roar either. The bear was the biggest animal I saw in the Canadian wilderness.

The smallest animal I saw was a beaver. It was brown, and its fur was shining in the sun. It had a wide, flat, dark tail and a large wide head.

It was eating leaves. I could hear the leaves rustle. They should be tasty for the beaver!

The animal I liked the most was a skunk. It smelled bad, but skunks are very beautiful I think. It was small; it was black with two white stripes on its back. It was sleeping so I couldn't see its eyes. Then the guide told us that skunks can spray their enemies with a chemical. You can even get blind. I tried not to go near skunks after.

I enjoyed staying in Canadian wilderness, and now I know a lot about the animals.