Wordsworth's Poems are Often Preoccupied With the Past, Childhood, Solitude and the Natural World.

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Throughout the poem 'Tintern Abbey', and the first two sections of 'The Prelude', Wordsworth strongly conveys his intimate relationship and association with the natural world. This is a theme common to both poems, and Wordsworth uses various examples of imagery to express his deep affection for nature, and appreciation of his environment.

The first two poems are excerpts from 'The Prelude', which is a personal account of Wordsworth's own experiences with nature as a child. The poem is a chronological narrative of events, following his different encounters with nature, recollecting many memories from his youth.

The second poem, 'Tintern Abbey' addresses Wordsworth's feelings and sentiments as he revisits a site, which to him, epitomises his emotional attachment to nature, and is undoubtedly a place that has been the source of many fond memories.

All three poems give detailed insights to Wordsworth's past, and previous experiences, which seem to provide a foundation for his appreciation of nature, and adoration that he displays towards his natural environment.

The first section of 'The Prelude' (lines 301-339) introduces the theme of his admiration for nature, which he evidently displays from an early age.

'I grew up Fostered alike by beauty and by fear:'

This line shows that Wordsworth felt that nature was the most influential aspect of his childhood, and an important feature of his youth. The opening lines of this poem convey the boundless enthusiasm and energy that he showed towards his natural surroundings, and how he perceived nature as a source of enjoyment and delight. Wordsworth projects this image of childhood by comparing it to the seedtime, which symbolises his infancy.

The poem shows that, as a child, natured offered him a sense of liberty and independence, allowing him to pursue his own interests, and hobbies.