The World Forgot.

Essay by spunkyazn3 September 2005

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They say that history repeats

And we are all given time

But what happens when the world stops

And alone, you are left behind?

What happens when the world forgets?

And people forget to care

What about those people

Who have only pain left to bear?

A young boy searches for a blade

To visit crimson death

Not because he wants to

But the pain is all that's left

A girl of 16 gets in the car

I guess eight beers were just too much

Broken glass twisted steel

And parents left to carry the crutch

A middle-aged woman looks at the bottle

She has taken far too much

But when your beauty is not enough

You too might just loose touch

A man of 28 picks up the gun

Why did she have to leave?

No one understands

Just one bullet left for me

A family left trapped in their houses

Meanwhile a natural disaster hits

Why didn't they leave when they were told?

Roads flooded, people dying, whats next for the rest of us?

God, where are you?

Why can't you wipe away their tears?

Show them love and hope

When their world if full of fear

They say your son died for them

But where is his warm embrace?

Did he just forget?

Or are their lives not fit for our race?

I guess you work in mysterious ways god

Too bad for all those who gave it away

They died when they should have lived

But in your eyes some aren't fit to stay