The Worst Job In South Philly

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A cruel yet inescapable fact of life is that most of us--and, most regrettably, I--must work to keep roofs over our heads and food on our tables. My efforts to satisfy these of life's basic demands have led me to hold more jobs than I care to remember; but I can recall beyond any doubt the worst of them was my job at Tony's Pizza in South Philadelphia.

First of all, my boss and managers were impossible to satisfy. I always tried my best to do what I was asked to do, but no matter what I did, all I ever received was gruff criticism and sarcastic remarks. Even after I'd worked for several months, I'd still catch blame for things that were either out of my control or mistakes that had been committed by others. Also, despite the fact that I was very accommodating in the hours I'd work, my boss would always display his anger if I weren't at home when he called or if for some other good reason I was unavailable to come into work.

Another problem I had working for Tony's was the unbearable working conditions that existed at the shop. Because the ovens were always operating, the temperature was unvaryingly high. During the summer, particularly, I'd begin sweating within minutes of my arrival and not stop until I'd left. Contributing to my discomfort was the daily evidence of infestation by what appeared to be rats and a variety of insects. Not only was I somewhat queasy about sharing quarters with vermin, but I was also disturbed over my boss's lack of concern for my, his customers', and even his own health. Add to these conditions the lack of adequate lighting and the blaring stereo of my coworker and the sum was...