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"A Wrinkle In Time" is an example of great American literature. It is a plot-based novel with something always happening while an obstacle is standing in the way. Most of the conflict occurring in this book is person versus self and person versus supernatural. A certain aspect that is very prevalent in this book is love. This love takes the characters on the trip of a lifetime, for the sole purpose of finding her father. This love in the background is not known by the reader until the last few pages, and ends up encompassing and explaining the whole novel.

Meg Murray, the protagonist and the person from whom the reader gets their point of view, is the main character. She has a little brother, Charles Wallace, and two twin brothers, Sandy and Denny. Her mother is a guiding figure within the story, and serves as her daughter Meg's source of ambition.

We learn from reading the story that Meg's father disappears from an extremely secret scientific project, and is expected to return, but hasn't for several years. Meg can see the pain that her mother feels and the rest of the family also about the loss of their father, and wants to help find him. All the while, feelings are mutual that their father is living, but nobody knows for sure.

Characters begin to develop, and we learn that Charles Wallace and Meg Murray are very close siblings, and Charles seems to have the ability to know whenever Meg or her mother is upset. He can also answer questions directed at him by his sister, but were not actually spoken, almost as if he can read their minds.

None other than little Charles Wallace demonstrates the first example of love being expressed in this novel. During the dark and...