"The Zoo" by Helen Dunmore.

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"The Zoo" is an Essay written by Helen Dunmore and published in the book: "Love of Fat Men" in 1997. In the following essay I will focus on what I think Dunmore would like the reader to focus on. I will try to read deeper between the lines and accentuate the important things in this story. This essay illustrates how the way of being a mother can be done in several different ways. It makes no secret of which way is the right way of raising and treating a child. Some questions are also asked and unanswered. Could there be drawn a line between when and where a mother is compelled to criticize or rectify a mistake in treating another mother's child. Where should you draw your line for your own children and which way is the best way to raise them. Further on in this essay I will give my answer to these questions and try by analysing Dunmore's story to give her answer.

At first the reader is quickly introduced to the setting of this story, being in the zoo. Sheena is presented early in the story and is the main-character. Even though the narrator of the story is in third-person view and therefore an anonymous view to everything we hear of Sheena's thoughts and attitudes, and what she catches from people around the zoo. Sheena senses trouble or excitement coming up but is disappointed to see it's only a mother yelling at her daughter. But as the scene develops Sheena begins getting more and more suspicious of the mother being violent and unfair towards her daughter. Apparently she has pissed in her own clothes. "A huge woman with a frizz of orange hair on top of her head... She ranted over the child, the flesh...